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Our Vision

We strive to promote  the Holistic Education of the Young, especially of the Marginalised in the Don Bosco Way, making them Agents of Transformation for a Better Tomorrow.

Our Mission

Provide Youngsters with an Integral Formation of Academic, Professional, & Human Commitment.

Our Style and Approach
The distinctive Educational Philosophy and Style of Don Bosco is expressed through:

  • An Academic Style founded on Three Principles: Reason, Religion, & Loving Kindness.
  • Preferential Option for Young-people from the disadvantaged sections of Society.
  • Close Interaction between Academics & Value-formation.
  • Special attention to the Formation of Educators.
  • Spirit of Family characterized by the presence of Teachers & Administrators among and for Students.
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    • Friday 28th of February 2014

      ANNUAL SPORTS DAY ON 1st March 2014

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    • Thursday 15th of May 2014


      Entrance Exam for MCA & MSW is on

      6th June 2014 at 10.00am to 12.00 noon

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      MCA                                             MSW


    • Monday 2nd of June 2014


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      MCA                                                  MSW


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    • Thursday 7th of August 2014

      Rakhi Making & Friendship Day Card Making - 9th Aug 2014

      Dahi Handi- 18th Aug 2014

      Synthesis- 23rd Aug 2014

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    • Monday 15th of December 2014

      Fun Week  2014 (15- 18 December): 15 Dec: Traditional Day; 16 Dec: Back to Childhood Memories; 17 Dec: Pairs' / Twins' Day; and 18 Dec: Pink & Blue Day.
      20 Dec: The Value Education Cell organizes Eco-friendly Star-making & Carol Singing Contests.

Special Features

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome to Don Bosco College of Post Graduate Studies & Research, Panjim, Goa.

Boscocs as the College is fondly called by the students, is currently situated right in the City Centre of Panjim, the Capital of Goa, and is gearing up to move into the high-tec Campus on the suburbs shortly. Educating the youth has always been at the heart of the philosophy of the Founder of the Salesians, St John Bosco, poularly known as the Saint of the Young ! Don Bosco College of Post Graduate Studies & Research is vibrant with the common ethos of the Salaesian University in Assam, numerous Colleges & other Educational institutions round the world.

The College offers youngsters the opportunity to develop professionally in a multi-cultural & global environment by discovering new opportunities and initiatives in the academic & extra-co-curricular activities. We have been offering Under Graduate Programs in BA (Mass Media), BBA (Business Administration), BBA (Travel & Tourism), BCA (Computer Application), BSW (Social Work), Graduate Program in BPEd (Physical Education), Post Graduate Program in MSW (Social Work), all affiliated to the Goa University, and the MCA (Computer Applications) as an Extension Program of the Assam Don Bosco University. 

We have established  mutually rewarding tie-up with the Porto University, Portugal, & Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati as well as Local Authorities, NGOs, & other Organizations. Intensive academia-industry interface is on full swing.

We are seen as a strong valuable partner in the community, having done numerous community-based projects in collaboration with the industry. By increasing participation in such activities, the College aims to instil in the students a sense of civic consciousness and mould them to be socially committed at their prospective work-place. We work towards building and maintaining a consistent professional approach to take the College towards the higher realms of its envisioned future in this Bicentinneal Year of the Birth of our Founder, St John Bosco.

Dr Raju George

MA, Ph D, Executive MBA